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Coming of Age Moments

Every kid goes through different stages where they get a little older and they are a little wiser. One of the most special coming of age moments for a young man is when he is getting ready to go to prom. He has already gone through the scary process of asking the girl that he wants to go with and he has bought their tickets. There are other things that he will need to take care of for the occasion so that it will go off without a hitch and he can have a great night with his date and his friends.

  • One of the first things that he is going to need to do is to go out and look at suit rentals in Los Angeles. He is going to need to figure out what type of look he wants to go for and he may even ask his date what color her dress is so that they can color coordinate. It is a coming of age moment for any young man to go out and rent his first suit for an important moment in his life. It is the moment that represents the culmination of all of the hard work he has done to graduate from high school and celebrate the moment.

  • He will also need to figure out the transportation situation. He needs to figure out if he wants to drive or if wants to get together with friends and rent a limousine or a party bus. It all depends on the budget and maybe the type of cars that are available to him. If his uncle has a great classic car that he can ask him to borrow, he may just have to take the opportunity to drive it.

  • Lastly, he will need to make sure that he has a corsage for his date to wear. It is the gift that he brings for his date to wear throughout the night. He will want to ask her what color her dress is so that he can make sure that the one he picks out will look good with her dress. Although it seems like just a flower, it shows that he took the time to put thought into it.

From the suit to the transportation, prom is a big deal. The best part of the preparation is being able to go out and rent a great suit in Los Angeles that is going to look great on him. It is one night when a young man feels like an adult and can make all the decisions about how he wants the night to go. These are important choices, and every young man needs to take his time and make the right decisions.

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