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Regardless whether it is formal or informal occasions, suits are the preferred attire for every modern man, who has a reed-slim silhouette. But blokes carrying few extra pounds always find a way to stay away from this modern ensemble with the fear of getting their bloated bellies exposed. All body shapes are beautiful and there is a suit to flatter every body shape. If you are stout, obviously you look frumpy on slim cut suit as your bellies pull right and left, when you walk and your shirt billow outward, when you sit or stand. Problem here is not with suit, it is with the selection of suit. Understanding your body type and then selecting a suit is always a great option. If you're a stocky person and your chest and waist measures same length, nothing fits you better than a portly suit that is made to mask the unattractive expanses of your body, rendering a fabulous pull together look.

Suit & Tux Warehouse Portly Suits

Overview of portly cut:

Suit & Tux Warehouse Suits for Big Men

Keep and eye of the height:

Height of the outfit is paramount in pulling a proportioned frame to your masculine physique. Portly suit's height falls into three categories short, regular and long. Taller persons with wide chest look handsome in long suits whereas small chest guy measuring a normal height can opt for regular size.

Opt for wide chest dress shirt:

Heavy man looks odd on tight fit dress shirts as their wide chest bulges outward ruining their entire appearance. Selecting a matching color shirt with wide chest and sturdy button stance offers an ethnic finish to the everlasting portly suits.

Accessorize elegantly:

Even sloppy attire can turn handsome, if you complement it with appropriate accessories. Suspenders have been on the fashion runway for several years and still it continues to remain at the forefront. The reason is that apart from being functional, it is fashionable. Adding suspenders to your suit will keep your pants in right place, even you can keep off your blazer as suspenders add edge to your dress shirt and garner a stand-alone look without an outerwear. The Windsor knots of smooth ties in supple colors work great for elevating the style of portly suits. For a relatively flattering profile, finish your ensemble with polished oxfords.

Portly cut is invented with the intention of making the suits fit better for a full figured man. It is more or less similar to standard cut, but the major difference between them is the jacket to pants drop. For normal cut the drop measures 6" whereas portly cut features 4" drop. When the size of garment featuring this type of cut gets larger, the drop gets smaller accordingly.

Selecting the outfits by keeping your shape and size in mind always help you end up with a handsome look that you're longing for. If you're in doubt where to buy quality suits, just visit Suit & Tux Warehouse, where you can find amazing collections that fit your taste and budget. Portly suits available in sizes 38 to 60.


Suit & Tux Warehouse Big and Tall Suits

At Suit & Tux Warehouse, Big & Tall means Befitting & Tasteful, not Baggy & Tent-like. We have quality clothing made to fit men of all sizes. If you’re a big or portly guy, we have jackets that are cut generously through the chest, shoulders and waist. Our pants are relaxed through the seat and thigh. If you’re tall, we can accommodate your long arms with sleeve lengths up to 41", extra long jackets and extra long ties. We offer shoes up to size 16. From workday basics to weekend casuals, we’ve got you covered.

For personalized assistance, visit our Suit & Tux Warehouse store. An Expert Stylist can make suggestions on choosing the right size and cut, and our on-site tailors are at your service to make any necessary alterations so that you get a perfect fit.

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