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Your Teen Boy Style Guide for Prom

When preparing for an upcoming Prom dance, knowing what a teen boy should wear can be a challenge — particularly if this is his first time at the dance. There are many options available and you want to make sure that he has the latest trends and looks great for his special date. To make sure your teen boy is dashing, here are a few tips.

1. Determine the Type of Outfit He Wants to Wear

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit for the dance, there are many possibilities. If the school hosts a more formal Prom dance, you may consider a tuxedo. However, for most Los Angeles schools, suits or sport jackets are the preferred style option. Another possible style choice for less formal Prom dances is a nice shirt, tie, and a colorful vest.

2. Find Out What Your Date is Wearing

While most boys think they have few options when it comes to formal dance attire, they are incorrect. There are not only numerous design options, but colors, patterns, fabrics, and even cuts that can affect your outfit. To help narrow down your many options, talk to your teenager’s date and find out what she is wearing and what color of dress she will wear. This information can help you find an outfit that matches and will make a great-looking couple.

3. Consider Renting an Outfit

Clothing for dances can become extremely pricey. To help save a little money, while still having all the options you need, consider renting the formal attire. When renting, there are countless options, designs, and styles available. Plus, you don’t have to spend money on an outfit that will rarely be used and will most likely be stored in the back of the closet. It can save you the hassle and a lot of money, but your young man will still look his best.

4. Make Sure the Fit is Correct

When looking for the right Prom outfit, regardless of whether you choose just a sports jacket or even a suit, you must make sure the fit is correct. Each type of clothing item fits a little differently and a person’s body shape and even personal preference can make all the difference. Work with experts at a men’s formal wear store to ensure the fit of the outfit is ideal.

If you want to help your young man look his best at the Prom dance, there are numerous trendy and stylish formal wear options available. Visit a men’s formal store to determine what options are best for your needs and to find a Homecoming dance outfit that is sure to make the couple look fantastic.

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