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Why Designer Suits Are So Expensive

Everyone would like to own a closet full of designer suits that they could wear to every function and occasion in Los Angeles. The truth is that most people can hardly even afford to buy one designer suit, let alone an entire closet.

The idealistic status of designer clothing is revered by society, but is this reverence just hype? Why is the community so infatuated with the idea of buying designer jeans, designer jackets, and especially designer suits?

The Quality

A designer suit is so attractive because it has been designed by known professionals who excel in their field. If a chef at a pizza restaurant makes amazing pizzas, business will boom, customers will spread the news of these delicious pizzas through word-of-mouth, and that restaurant will gain status and hype. It is very similar in the world of clothing. When one designer outdoes themselves time and time again, word-of-mouth causes the news to spread and before anyone knows it, that designer gets branded and the price of their clothing goes up tenfold.

The Material

Another factor which makes a designer suit and designer clothing so preferable is that they generally always have better material than what can be found in regular stores.

The Production

One thing most people don't consider when contemplating the unbelievably high price of a designer product is the process that the designers went through to get to that perfect product. Designers can even take hundreds of hours to just make one suit.

The materials are already expensive, and the designer is already well known in their field. Mix that with the fact that time is money and the hourly rate becomes very high. Designers often create a product 4 or 5 times before finally getting it perfect, and that results in extra time and cloth, adding on to the price.

It would be ridiculous to assume that every piece of a designer item, including the socks and tank tops, takes hundreds of hours to create, but those items are still priced as high as the others. That is a simple benefit of being branded, and for some reason, the people always eat it up.

A very high-end suit can even cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, just because the quality is good that doesn't mean it always has to cost a fortune.

Here are a few decent retailers where one can find a suit that looks and feels like a designer one but costs only a fraction of the price:

● Calvin Klein

● H&M

● Banana Republic

● Zara

It can take months of saving to buy a suit for oneself. If a big event is coming up and there's no way that a person's pockets can afford something special, renting designer suits is always a possibility in Los Angeles.

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