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What’s the Best Suit Fabric for the Summer?

As the summer months are approaching, so are the wedding bells. Summer is a popular time for many marriage ceremonies, and rightly so. The beautiful weather, the fabulous venues, and even the summer styles can all contribute to the perfect day. If you are getting married during the summer months in Los Angeles, comparing various wedding suits is probably on your to-do list. You need an outfit that is breathable, fits well, and doesn’t retain heat. Plus, you need to look dashing for the entire day. Here are the best wedding suit fabrics you should consider if getting married in Los Angeles this summer.


Linen is definitely one of the best and most popular fabrics for a California marriage ceremony. This fabric is more lightweight than many comparable materials and doesn’t retain heat. However, you must be careful with this option as linen is known to wrinkle easily. This means you may want to consider other options if you plan to wear this outfit during all the activities on your big day.


Cotton is another extremely popular option for summer formal wear. It doesn’t wrinkle like linen but still provides a breathable outfit. It can become a little warmer than linen but it is easy to take care of and is extremely comfortable.

Blended Fabrics

Instead of choosing an outfit made strictly from one material or another, consider a blended fabric. For example, choose a clothing item that is made from both linen and cotton. When you have a blended outfit, you can enjoy the benefits of both options. For example, with a linen and cotton blend, you still can enjoy the lightweight feel and the breathability of the lighter material, yet it doesn’t wrinkle as easily due to the cotton material.

Wool and cotton blends are also extremely popular options because wool can stay sharp and crisp throughout the entire day. This material is extremely durable and comfortable, making it ideal to wear for multiple activities. However, you may not want a full wool outfit during the summer months as it retains a significant amount of heat. Luckily, wool and cotton blends still provide for the durability and the sharp look that the wool fabric boasts, yet doesn’t retain the heat and is much lighter than a full wool item.

Choosing the right outfit for your marriage ceremony and celebration doesn’t have to be a challenge and overwhelming. Talk to an expert at a men’s formal wear store to help you choose the right fabrics and the right design to make sure you have the perfect look for your perfect day.

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