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What is the Best Suit Fabric?

Suit rentals in Los Angeles come in different colors, styles, and designs. As important as it is to look out for the color, the style, and the design of a suit, it is also equally as important to look out for the fabric. The fabric is arguably the most important factor one should take into consideration when buying suits.

The first thing buyers notice, consciously or subconsciously, is the fabric with which the suit was designed.

Fabrics change the entire look and feel of the suit. The texture and even color are significantly affected by the type and quality of fabric they are on. Some fabrics that are often used to tailor suits are:


Wool is definitely the most common fabric for suit rentals in Los Angeles out there. The quality of the wool is determined by a numbering system: 100s, 140s,160s, and 180s. The higher the number is, the better the quality of the wool. What do these numbers mean exactly? They refer to the number of times the wool was spun. The more times the wool is twisted, the lighter and more elegant the cloth will be.

Buying a higher number is usually a better idea if the outfit is for special occasions. It may look finer and more elegant, but the higher the number, the fewer chances it will keep its shape very well.

Tweed, flannel, and cashmere are all derived from wool.


Cashmere is the dream fabric for suits. It is definitely considered a luxury fabric. Cashmere is very expensive, classy and high-end. This is the fabric that gives Italian suits that attractive sheen. Cashmere comes from cashmere goats and it is much finer and softer than ordinary wool.


Linen is a great fabric choice for the summer time. However, linen suits are notorious for wrinkling up. This can be countered by buying heavier linen. The heavier the suit, the fewer chances of it wrinkling up.

The weight of the fabric also differs substantially, from 7oz -190oz. The lighter suits are obviously better suited for the summertime and the heavier suits are best for winter. From a tailor’s perspective, it is much more preferable to sew heavier suits because they promise a beautiful finish. However, the heavier suits are not bought and therefore not made as often as the lightweight ones.

When buying suits in Los Angeles, one has a lot of things to consider. Apart from selecting the color, the style, and the design, potential buyers also need to look at the fabric they are selecting. Wool, linen, and cashmere are commonly used fabrics used to make good quality suits.

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