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3 Of The Most Expensive Suits In The World

Suit rentals, picking out the cake, and driving around Los Angeles in a decorated car are common memories couples share of their big day. Those who are already married remember their wedding fondly, and lovingly believe it was one of the best days of their lives—hopefully, anyway. However, what most married couples don't say is that they also feel a hint of relief that it's finally over.

What unmarried people need to know is that wedding days are life-changing, and one of the most important days of a person's life, but they can also be slightly stressful and very expensive.

In the joy of the moment, the bride and groom may end up spending more than they would have ever imagined in their lifetime. If one is harboring regrets because of their decision to spend a little extra, especially on suits, they definitely should not do so.

A wedding isn't going to come again every day so that moment should be as beautiful and special as possible. It is definitely okay to splurge a little.

But some suits are just far too unaffordable.

Here are three suits that will make anyone wipe the regret of spending too much on one's wedding outfit out of mind, and if one still has to get married, they may make one want to raise the bars a little higher.

1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition

This suit costs more than most cars, small businesses, and houses. The Stuart Hughes Diamond edition retails for roughly $890,000. Yes, that's $890,000 for one suit, not the entire company.

What makes it so special? The fact that it was designed by top designers, took over 800 hours to complete its sewing, and the fact that there are only three such pieces in the world probably has something to do with it.

Also, the fact that it's studded with real diamonds explains a lot as well.

2. The Alexander Amoshu Vanquish II

This suit was custom designed for an unknown buyer and retailed for around $101,000. It is so expensive because it is made out of some of the rarest and most expensive materials in the world. Not only is the cloth expensive, but the buttons are also made of real 18k gold and diamonds.

3. The Zoot Suit

This particular outfit is very different from the two suits that were mentioned above. It retails for a substantially lower price, but at $78,000 it’s still way out of the majority of the world's budget. It looks as strange as it sounds. It is oddly fitted with stripes and does not have an impressive design. The really impressive fact about it is that it’s an artifact from World War II.

Seeing such big numbers for clothing prices is genuinely shocking. If anyone still feels bad about buying a thousand dollar suit after reading this, then feel free to donate it to someone else in Los Angeles, or sell it for some extra cash.

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