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Tuxedos: Rent Or Buy?

Flowers, guest list, venue, food, band, honeymoon, and the list goes on. There are a lot of things that need to be ironed out for the big day. The bride needs to select the perfect dress and to choose the right bridesmaids dresses that match her theme. The invitations need to go out to make sure that RSVPs are returned in time to set up the venue. Then there is the tuxedos for the groom and the groomsmen, not only does style and fit need to be confirmed, but then there is the question - do you rent or do you buy?

For most traditional weddings, the groom and the groomsmen will opt for the look of tuxedos for the event. When it comes to this style of suit, there are many different options to consider including colors, details, and styles. While the groomsmen will not have much choice on the style or color - as that decision is made between the bride and groom - there are the purchasing options that will need to be decided upon.

● Tuxedo rentals at a Los Angeles tuxedo shop are a great option for the groom and groomsmen to consider. When renting a tuxedo the costs are reduced in comparison to a tuxedo purchase. Additionally, most rental shops will be able to offer the wedding party a variety of style and fit options based on the current trends. Once the day is over, the groom and groomsmen simply have to return the tuxedo (and any accessories) to the shop and then the investment is over.

● There is also the option to buy the tuxedos as well. With a purchase, extra tailoring can be offered to ensure the investment piece is long lasting for the client. For some, this type of investment is the right decision based on the life events they anticipate coming up over the years. While the initial cost is much higher than a suit rental, over the long term this can prove to be a worthy investment.

People are always looking for options and they want to be able to do whatever is best for them. When it comes to a man’s wedding day, he may just want to rent the tuxedo because it is the easiest option and then give it back when it is over. Some people want to buy the tuxedo for future events or for the memories that the tuxedo will bring back to them later on in life. There are great reasons to buy or to rent a tuxedo, it all depends on what it is the individual person needs and wants. Just like the suit needs to fit the right way, the situation needs to be the right fit as well.

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