Suits: How To Tell The Difference

After a couple makes the most important decision of their lives, and they choose to settle down with each other in Los Angeles forever, they are faced with a new list of decisions to make.

Among the many difficult decisions that are made for a wedding, one of the most puzzling and important decisions men have to make is selecting a wedding suit in Los Angeles.

For those who are new to buying suits, everything might look exactly the same at the men's formalwear stores, save a difference in colors. However, this is far from reality.

The distinctive factor across most suits is their lapel. The lapel is the part that can be considered the collar. Suits don't really have collars but rather they have lapels, which are the stretch of fabric that extends across the suit from the waistline.

There are three types of lapels:

● Notch

● Peaked

● Shawl

The three styles are pretty distinctive and all three styles offer a formal and professional look. The Notch lapel is the most common and the shawl lapel is the one found in most tuxedos.

Apart from a difference in the lapel, what are the different types of suits available in the market for men to wear at all and every fancy occasion?

There are three distinct types of suits that can be purchased: