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Suit vs. Tuxedo

A very common question when it comes to suit rentals in Los Angeles is what the difference is between a suit and a tuxedo. There are several differences that are good to know and understand, as having this knowledge can help one ensure that they’re always appropriately dressed for any occasion.


The biggest difference between a suit and a tuxedo is that the latter includes satin. Indeed, tuxedos usually have satin “sprinkled” on them, on their buttons, lapels, the trim of the pocket, and even a stripe of satin that goes down on the leg. On the other hand, suits typically have buttons that are made with plastic, or with the same material the coat is made with.


Usually, vests and long ties are worn only with suits, and not with tuxedos. Indeed, typically, tuxedos are worn with bow ties and low stance vests. However, there is no longer a clear line when it comes to what sort of accessories work with tuxedos and what don’t. As such, accessories aren’t the defining feature anymore for those trying to figure out what to get when going to suit rentals in Los Angeles.


Some formal options do not include satin at all. One of them is the white dinner jacket, which is usually paired with black accessories. The white jacket in this case should have a one button front. This is a tuxedo, but it doesn’t have any satin in it.

Another tuxedo option without satin is made in different styles, and was created for the wedding market.


Going beyond the physical appearance and differences between suits and tuxedos, they also send very different messages. This may not seem like it’s the case to many people, especially if they’re the sort that rarely wear anything that’s not casual. With them, wearing a suit is a big change from their regular clothes, and so they may feel like the message a suit and a tuxedo send are the same.

However, in reality, suits are worn for a lot of different occasions, not just for formal events. Indeed, plenty of individuals wear suits to their jobs. A tuxedo, on the other hand, was made especially with special occasions in mind. Indeed, it is highly unlikely that one will be seen wearing a tuxedo in any other setting other than formal ones. As such, this sort of clothing sends out the message that the moment is a truly special one.

When it comes to picking a suit for rental in Los Angeles, one may have a hard time deciding between an actual suit or a tuxedo. In essence, it all comes down to just how special the occasion they’re going to is.

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