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On the Sports Jacket

For people who are looking for designer suits in Los Angeles to wear at their jobs, they should know that there is another option they could lean toward, and that option is the sports jacket. Indeed, wearing it over a dress shirt provides an individual with a great deal of professionalism, working beautifully even for settings where a suit would be too much.


When one wears a sports jacket that’s well-fitted, it can have the effect of broadening and heightening the individual’s shoulders. Not only this, but it is quite functional. In addition to keeping the individual wearing it warm, its pockets hold plenty of items. Finally, it sets one apart from the crowd, which is never a bad thing.


A sports jacket is more casual in nature than designer suits in Los Angeles, which is why it shouldn’t fit too close to the body. Of course, this point also has to do with an individual’s personal preferences. Some like to wear layers underneath it, while still being able to move freely, while others may not like wearing anything else besides a shirt under.


The fabric from which a sports jacket is made can vary greatly, just like materials used for designer suits in Los Angeles do. Indeed, one may find sports jackets made with wool, cottons and all sorts of different weaves. The former material is usually used for jackets made for winter months, while the latter is used more for the summer months.


Sports jackets are set apart from suit jackets through the great variety of styles they come in. Indeed, many of the styles it can be seen in are traced back to the sports jacket original intent, which was to be used for hunting. As such, they typically have accessible pockets and leather patches on the elbows, in order to keep it from being worn out.

What to Wear It With

Most commonly, a sports jacket is worn with a dress shirt. In some cases, they may even be worn with T-shirts, but that depends on the environment. As far as pants go, one should ensure that they do not match the jacket very closely.

A sports jacket can be a great alternative to wearing a suit, especially because it stands out from what others are wearing while still looking stylish. Of course, it highly depends on where the individual in question is intending to wear it, as there are some job posts where a suit is absolutely needed.

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