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A Guide to Kinds of Suit Fits

Looking for suits in Los Angeles can feel a little overwhelming, particularly for those who haven’t purchased or rented one before. There are plenty of styles, pieces, and fits to pick from, and one can quickly get lost in all of them. With this in mind, having a guide initiating an individual in the world of suits is both crucial and welcomed.

Classic Fit

The thing that sets the classic fit suit apart is its cut through the waist and chest, which is quite liberal, leaving the individual wearing it feeling very comfortable and having plenty of flexibility to move. The pants in this type of suit usually sit on the line of the waist. While it may not be quite as constricting as the other two types of fits, it should not be baggy.

Slim Fit

Slim fit suits in Los Angeles are usually fitted close to the body, not using excess fabric. The pants of these suits are straight, fitting the legs quite tightly, and sitting under the waistline. This style is very trendy, and has been growing in demand.

Modern Fit

This last style of suits in Los Angeles falls right between the slim and the classic fit. Indeed, it doesn’t come as close to the skin as the slim fit, but it does come closer than the classic fit. The pants for this kind of suit are straight, just like the ones of a slim fit, but have more fabric.


When it comes to vests, there are two main options: center and side. The first option is up by a cut from the middle of the jacket, while the second has cuts on the side, which allows the one wearing them to put their hands in the pockets without creating creases in the back. Finally, one may choose not to wear any sort of vests, as this sort of look gives off a sleek vibe.


As far as lapels go, there are three main kinds: shawl, peak, and notch. The first is seen on tuxedos, while the second is seen on double-breasted suits only. Notch lapels are the ones considered standard for work and social occasions. They are the safest option.

Choosing the perfect suit may be hard, but with a little bit of information on the different kinds of fits, and accessories, the choice surely becomes easier. Indeed, the type of fit may be important, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that the individual wearing it feels comfortable.

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