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4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Sports Coat

Every man should own a sports coat. This one piece of clothing is extremely versatile and ideal for most seasons. However, you can’t just choose any sports coat off the shelf and be good to go. There are several things to consider as you choose the best sports coat for your wardrobe. Here are four things you must take into consideration as you choose the best sports coat.

1. Consider Your Other Clothing Items

Sports coats can work well with a variety of other clothing items; however, you need to make sure that the coat you choose goes well with the majority of those clothing items. You don’t want to choose a sports coat that is too bold and bright and doesn’t match the other clothing items in your closet. As you choose the colors and the designs that you desire in a sports coat, think about the other clothing items that you will often wear with it.

2. Think About Where You Live

For some individuals, they may need to consider wearing a warm wool coat over their sports jacket to keep themselves warm during the cold winter months. However, when living in California, this most likely won’t be a concern. However, you may not want a sports coat that is extremely thick and made from fabrics such as pure wool that can retain heat. Make sure the jacket you choose is ideal for your specific location and weather.

3. Make Sure the Jacket is Durable

Because sports coats are such versatile pieces of clothing, you will likely be wearing your jacket to a variety of events and will wear it frequently. To make sure that your jacket can hold up to all your activities, you want to purchase an item that is durable. Make sure the sports coat is made from high-quality materials. Also, take the time to look at its buttons and stitching to ensure these areas won’t fall apart on you either.

4. The Size

While you certainly want a sports coat that is comfortable, you also want to make sure that the jacket fits well. You don’t want a jacket that is too tight and limits your mobility. To ensure you choose a sports jacket that fits well and is nicely cut, work with a professional at a men’s attire store who can measure you and help you find your right size.

Whether you are in the market for a new sports coat, tuxedo, or even suit rentals in Los Angeles, visit a men’s formal wear store to help you get the look, the style, and the fit that will make you look fabulous.

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