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3 Things You Should Know When Getting Fitted for a Tuxedo

It is your big day and you definitely want to look your best. To celebrate your wedding and have the perfect outfit to go with it, many men choose to wear a tuxedo. However, the fit of the tuxedo is critical to ensure it gives you that formal, classic, and dashing look that you desperately desire. Whether you are considering purchasing your own wedding attire or a tuxedo rental in Los Angeles, here are a few things you should consider.

1. Know Your Measurements Before You Begin Shopping

We get it, planning a wedding is a lot of hard, time-consuming work. You want to speed up the process as much as possible. Additionally, if you are like many men, you don’t want to spend all day shopping and trying to find the perfect look and fit. To help make the entire shopping process a little more enjoyable for everyone, take your basic measurements before you step foot in the store. A few measurements you should know include:

● Your height with your shoes off

● Your weight

● The circumference around your waist (you want to measure by your belly button instead of on your hips)

● Around your hips

● The length of your leg. To do this, measure from your shoe’s arch up to your belly button. Make sure you are wearing more formal shoes or the exact shoes you will wear to the ceremony for exact measurements.

2. Don’t Wear Loose Clothing When Getting Fitted

If you are getting measured, it is wise to wear tighter-fitting clothing. This helps the tailor get more accurate measurements without working around baggy and loose clothing. Clothing such as baggy T-shirts, baggy jeans, even athletic shorts should be avoided if possible.

3. Bring Your Shoes to the Fitting

If you have your own pair of shoes that you wish to wear to the ceremony, make sure you wear those when getting fitted for your outfit. Your shoes will make a big difference in your final measurements and how your pants fit on your body. If you don’t have your own pair of shoes, consider picking out shoes and purchasing them from the formal wear store so you will have them during the fitting. You will want to make sure you have your shoes to ensure the pants are not too long or too short and that you have a clean, well-tailored look for your wedding day.

By being properly prepared for your fitting, you will have an outfit that looks sharp and crisp and you won’t spend all day getting it. Just remember to choose your outfit and be properly fitted with ample time before the big day.

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